How do I transfer my domain to Tucana?

To ensure a seamless domain transfer, the following steps have to be taken:

  •            Generate your epp code from your current registrar.
  •            An authorization email containing the authorization link will be sent to your mail. kindly follow the instructions to commence the transfer process.
  •            Remove the registrar lock on the domain if the status shows ‘locked’ on whois lookup.
  •             Remove the ID protection on the domain, if you have it activated.

To place an order:

  •              Click on Domains, then Domain Transfer.

  •             Click on Transfer a Domain.

  •              Enter the domain name you want to transfer, and the generated authorization code (epp code). Then Add to cart.

Please note that some domain transfers can take up to 5-7 days to be completed.

Side note:

You cannot transfer a domain until after 60 days of registration with the current registrar.


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