Resolving CPanel Error - "Your IP Address has Changed"

cPanel often gives the following error"IP address has changed!"while you're trying to connect and/or logs you out stating same.

This could occur due to -

  1. A result of your local Network's IP address changing dynamically and at random intervals because some ISPs [Internet Service Providers] have short DHCP life times; which results in the behavior described.
  2. Your IP may change if you are also using another computer to access cPanel concurrently.

These situations occur because cPanel is simply securing your account from possible session hijacking to protect you.

To resolve these easily, you can

  • Try accessing your cpanel at
  • Use a different ISP with static IP anytime you want to acces cPanel.
  • Use a secure VPN to access your cpanel.
  • You can also try clearing your browser's cache.

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